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We are London property investment specialists

A boutique property development firm, we invest in, buy, redevelop and sell prime Central London residential real estate, with a historic focus on the Portman Estate. Alongside this, we have grown into offering similar opportunities with commercial, mixed-use and multi-units around London and its suburbs.

Thanks to our knowledge of our markets and prudent, strategic investments, we’ve realised excellent ROI and yields for our investors since we were founded in 1999.

Our portfolio of Central London investments has grown slowly and steadily over the years and, in 2017, we successfully added commercial, mixed-use and multi-units to our investment opportunities.

Our investors say we have a refreshing blend of property expertise, commercial judgment and a down-to-earth and friendly approach.





We work with trusted experts in our markets to source properties with untapped potential for capital appreciation.



We use our network of lenders and investors to finance each investment purchase



Our construction and project management teams plan, design and remodel each property to the highest standards to maximise sale prices.



We have an impressive track record of selling and remodelling properties for strong ROI and relatively capital risk-free investment.

Investing in us

We care about our investors, and the experience they have working with us, so always offer a first-class service and excellent risk-adjusted returns.

Our careful and considerate approach means we’ve been proud to attract and develop relationships with long-term investment partners including high net worth individuals and family offices from around the world.

We manage the entire property buying process, from investment to planning, design to construction, high-end interior finishes to asset divestment.
Contruction with Assure Property


Housing Imbalance


London and the UK broadly have housing balances which are in extreme deficit. This imbalance is a sustainable trend not cyclical, thus supporting stable returns for investment in this sector.

UK Planning Systems


The UK planning system is under under-resourced which has exacerbated supply shortages. Recent initiatives to relax planning rules including more commercial to residential conversions demonstrates political support for more housing. This alone will only have a nominal effect on the imbalance.



Post Brexit there is a huge drive by the current Conservative government to invest in infrastructure which will support the demand for new homes.



Borrowing continues to be
cheap and despite possible
increases in interest rates in
the future these are likely to
be modest and thus support
a strong property market.



Covid has caused much of the population to consider living needs with locations outside of
central London with outdoor space, family orientated facilities and good transport links in significant demand. As noted earlier much of this specific demand cannot be met with current supply.

Assure Properties Suppliers
We manage the entire property buying process, from investment to planning, design to construction, high-end interior finishes to asset divestment.

Our Suppliers

Our Contractors

With over 20 years of experience in high-end construction, our trusted partner manages our skilled development and construction teams and ensures that project execution meets our high standards.

Having resided within the Portman Estate for 15 years, they are a source of much local knowledge! Bringing sterling management skills, relationship-building expertise and access to trusted labour markets mean our contractor is an invaluable part of our team.

Since 1999, we’ve developed excellent working relationships with a range of trusted suppliers who support our mission to buy, renovate and sell properties for discerning investors and buyers.

Our Project Teams

We are adept at working with managing agents, head lessors, head lessees and legitimately establishing our plans for our projects.

Our wider team includes magic circle law firms, private banks and lenders, as well as handpicked architects, structural, mechanical and electrical engineers, high-end interior designers, key Italian and German kitchen specialists and leading tiling and bathroom suite suppliers. We also have strong relationships with local councils and planning departments within and outside London.

Meet The Team