Search and Acquisition

Buying a property is often one of the most important decisions we make in our life, particularly where there are family or investment considerations. People in the UK have a particular affinity when comes to this area and many enjoy the excitement of running around and viewing different properties.

However London is an extremely fast paced and competitive environment and many people now do not have the time or the right contacts to get a hold of the property they want. There are numerous stories of people looking for over a year without finding what they want and our aim is to take the stress and difficulty out of the situation for our clients.

Our service will take care of the following:

  • Estate Agents: Even with your given criteria you may be shown unsuitable properties and some agents have been known to conduct viewings just to meet targets. This is particularly the case in prime London where good quality stock is in permanent shortage despite the prevailing market conditions.In addition by using a sourcing agent and with our direct contacts you are more likely to be at the front of the queue for the best properties.
  • Maximum Exposure: A majority of properties will find their way to Estate Agents, however there are other less accessible sources which we have contacts with – Mortgage Brokers, LPA Receivers, Property Companies, Auction Houses, Private Portolio Holders, Banks and other brokers. This will give you that bit extra to your search which could make all the difference.
  • Pricing of Property: before you make an offer you need to be aware of things such as state of repair, lease extensions, planning permission and comparable sales information. We take care of this and do the homework for you.
  • Development Opportunities: Property developing in Central London can be a very lucrative business. Through our hands on work in previous projects and knowledge of the overseas clientele, we are able to advise and assist on any refurbishment projects.
  • Conveyancing Process: Once the property has been secured there is a still a bit to get through. The legal process, surveying, financing and administration all take up a lot of time and are often the most frustrating in the process. By working with our preferred and trusted partners in this area, we take away this pain.


How the Process Works

Free Introductory Consultation

  • Understanding your requirements including location, size and budget
  • Agreeing buying criteria and formally appointing Assure Property

Property Search Conducted

  • We review suitable properties using all available contacts
  • Short list of appropriate properties with relevant due diligence – e.g. comparables

Viewings and Selection

  • Arrange inspection of the identified properties at your convenience.
  • Select best property or refine search if client wishes.


Purchase Negotiation

  • Advise on the appropriate price to bid and strategy to achieve best result
  • Offer accepted and Solicitors instructed

Contract Exchange

  • Finalise due diligence e.g. planning consents, lease extension.
  • Liaise with surveyors, mortgage brokers and solicitors to ensure smooth transaction.


  • Upon completion ensure administration finalised, e.g. utility services, removals.
  • Refurbish or commence rental process as required.