We aim to design and refurbish properties across a range of budgets and criteria, maintaining a highly professional standard both in the planning and completion of the work.

Through our own experiences we have a strong team that cover all aspects of the work and we can use their expertise as tailored to each individual project. Some of the main people we work with are:


Initially they may be required to draw plans and advise on planning considerations, including maximising space which is crucial in London. For larger projects e.g. houses, structural implications will also be covered and for full scale projects they will be needed to put together project specifications, provide certificates and maybe use other specialists such as a quantity surveyor.

Clearly for a redecoration of an apartment for rental, the use of a specialist architect would not be a cost effective solution.

Interior Designer

In small areas their work can overlap with an architect, such as advising on floor layouts. However we generally use them to provide creative input to the style and identity of a property, according to the owners taste. Specifically this will include areas such as colour themes, lighting schemes and furniture layouts.

We have had clients with a very strong and distinct preference who are happy to decide these things themselves, although for most of our development type projects they are usually a must.

Kitchen/Bathroom/Furniture Suppliers

We will use our preferred partners for these areas to benefit from discounted rates as well as consistent high level of product. Again we have a range of suppliers to cater for all tastes and budget ranging from basic sanitary ware for a bathroom refurbishment, to the high end kitchen designers associated with Wigmore Street.

Building Contractors

By using a small but carefully selected team of builders across all trades, we are able to maintain quality and keep price down, giving excellent value for the client. We do not directly employ our contractors, so we are free to negotiate as far as possible on terms in a fully competitive manner which achieves best results. We ensure all electricians, plumbers and other trades are full qualified, insured and can provide the necessary certificates and guarantees as needed.

A key attribute we place on our builders are their professionalism and general people skills. In London it is particularly important to manage relations with neighbours, porters and other parties to ensure a smooth refurbishment project.

How we operate

We work according to our clients preferences, some like a weekly meeting on site to discuss progress and others just want a monthly email to confirm we are on track. Again we provide up to date budgets and costs to date on a regular basis, while some clients simply want a one word answer as to whether we are on target!

We provided a minimum of 6 months guarantees on all of our work and often 12 months depending on the complexity of the project. We like to foster long term relationships with our client on often take on the property management side once the work is done.

Our aim is to provide a quality service whereby our clients come back again and often refer us to their friends and family.