Property Management

In an ideal world our homes and property investments would be free from wear and tear and the plumbing, electrical wiring and appliances would never get faulty. However in practical terms we all have things that need fixing from time to time. Ask anyone and I’m sure they’ll tell you about some small job they don’t have the know-how or time to resolve.

Phoning around for maintenance contractors can be a very frustrating and time consuming business. Contractors are often late, might not have the right tools or charge a small fortune for a 10 minute job.

By using a trusted team of professional contractors, many of whom are involved in our refurbishment projects, we can take this headache away from the client. Due to the portfolio of properties we manage and the regular stream of work our contractors have, we are also able to manage costs in a sensible way.

Our clients range from people who need regular services on their own homes to investors who need someone to manage their property and take care of issues as and when they arise.

Here are some of the more common services our clients use:

  • Managing the Lettings Process
  • Ensuring properties are ready for letting, such as ordering furniture and fixing faulty appliances
  • Making sure all utilities are in place and the paperwork is up to date
  • Liaising with the letting agent and providing advice on rental strategy
  • Inventory’s and check in / check out
  • Day to Day Management
  • Organising repairs and emergency call outs to the property
  • Confirming and chasing rent payments for on behalf of the landlord
  • Arranging tenancy renewals
  • Periodic inspection of property to ensure it is being well maintained by the tenants
  • Tenancy renewals and serving notices Leaseholder Services
  • Advising on block management issues, including service charges
  • Selecting appropriate insurance policies, with use of special broker for large portfolios
  • Organising mail redirection
  • Facilitating payment for bills Home Owners
  • Regular cleaning services provided
  • Arranging keys and access to the property whist client is at work
  • Security advice and inspections where owners are away for lengthy periods
  • Managing insurance claims with our contractors

Other services not mentioned are also available on request.