South of the river can offer good value in comparison to land values north of the river. With the market in Central London proving more challenging than previous years we believe now is a good time to explore this emerging area.
With Central London accessible within 15 minutes, good schools and nearby open spaces this is a location that is set to hold firm in the coming year.

Working as a Joint Venture with AOB properties and other private investors this is good example of how we can work with current clients, to minimise risk whilst creating solid returns in the short term.

A large victorian town house in excess of 3000 sq ft was being used as an HMO. We have achieved planning to increase the floor space by 500 sq ft with a basement and side extension and then convert into 5 units. A good mix of 1,2 & 3 bedroom units at reasonable prices means we expect there to be high demand for these upon exit.

Expected Completion: January 2017